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We all know that clear speech doesn’t just happen overnight but develops gradually over the first few years of a childs life, however did you know that a child’s speech is still developing up to the age of 7.

There are lots of reasons why children have difficulty with their speech sounds, sometimes it can be a developmental lag and sometimes there can be specific difficulties.

An assessment of your child’s speech can help you to understand their difficulties and consultations can help to develop their speech clarity in a fun and engaging way.


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Understanding, Expressive Language, and Interactions skills

Does your child have difficulty putting sentences together or telling you what has has been happening?

Is your child struggling to respond to your instructions and comments, are they unaware of what is happening around them?

Children's ability to interact with those around them develops from smiling and looking ,to babbling and pointing,  to words and sentences, but sometimes development may move slowly, get stuck or seem different to others. 

An evaluation of your child's language can help you understand where they are in their development, what the next steps are and how they can be encouraged and supported to move forward.

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Reading and Spelling

Is your child struggling to build their literacy skills?

Does your child enjoy talking with you and discussing different topics but they avoid writing it down or reading to you?

Literacy is agruably the most important skill a child learns during their first few years of school.   A child who experiences early sucess in reading will usually develop a positive attitude to literacy and academic learning which stretches into adulthood.

Children who find the process of learning to read and write difficult, often need specific and specalist support.

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